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The Road We’re On

Where we’ve come from, and where we’re going

Our Brand Story

Motor Show Events is an automotive marketing service and event organiser based in Essex. Motor Show Events was formed by James Martin (Creative Marketer), Karl Rushen (Event organiser and self-proclaimed petrol head) and All Advertising (Ad Agency). Motor Show Events project is a dream come true for James and Karl both car enthusiasts, who between them have hosted several successful shows and festivals over the past 6 years. Pooling together their individual skill sets and knowledge, they followed their dreams and did what they loved the most; creating experiences for car enthusiasts, with a goal to delivering new motoring events and meets across the South East. With the 2 main shows; Motorfest and Festival of Wheels, these creations are for those with a passion for motoring; featuring motorsport, automotive performance, supercars, classic/custom vehicles alongside private cars from every level of motoring.

The shows provide the perfect platform for enthusiasts and industries to meet, network and do business as well as seeing the fastest cars, biggest stars and most amazing live action spectacles. Alongside an already truly amazing lineup you will also experience a mix of bikes, trucks and all things motoring, that will come together over one or two superb days, for it is the largest event of its kind in the South East. The company has quickly gained success, with their website, social channels & following online.

James Martin

Creative Marketer & Expert Memory Maker…


James is a creative individual with a hands-on approach that brings ideas and experiences to life from concept, through development, to the finished product. James makes business connect in a memorable way with consumers through real-life engagement; he creates innovative events and marketing solutions for both public relations and corporate business. James interest in Motors, Events and Marketing, started at an early age. This passion has continued through his life, influencing James career choices, successes and some eventful times. During this duration he has had the pleasure of building events and festivals from the ground up, creating marketing campaigns for both local and National brands. Running alongside his workload, James led on the marketing and events to turn around the failing leisure business Marsh Farm Animal Adventure Park, which has now gone on to win many awards including best large attraction in Essex and a national innovation award for marketing.

Karl Rushen

Company owner and Motorcycle Racer.


Karl has been involved with racing bikes across the country both in Grasstrack and Speedway from the age of 6 up until the age of 36, winning many major titles. 3 years ago, when Karl half hung his racing boots up, it was time for the younger generation in the form of his Son Cooper Joe to take the bars. Now at the age of 7 Cooper has taken over and become 2x British Champion in his first 2 seasons.

As a company owner and Founder of StreetLife Driving School, business has been in Karl’s blood since the age of 21, when he started out as the youngest driving instructor in the country. He started working for a local company before going out on his own and building the dream of running his own business, which he called StreetLife Driving School. After 13 years in business he now has 40 members of staff-but really, there a second family. During his time, Karl has also been a retained fire fighter for 10 years where he lives and having seen some horrendous scenes his thoughts turned to the future and the next generation of drivers. With his job in mind, ideas were created, a plan was formed and in 2011 S.L.Y.D.E Streetlife Young Driver Education was born. S.L.Y.D.E educates 14-17-year olds from all walks of life, allowing them to experience the reality of being on the roads and the thrill of driving a car, but in a safe environment. S.L.Y.D.E works alongside the Fire Service, Air Ambulance, Police and local organisations both in Essex and Kent screening educational presentations showing real life consequences of bad driving. The driving sessions take place once a month both at the Essex and Kent venues.

After spending many years making parts for his racing bikes and building custom motorcycles, Karl decided to organise a little vehicle show in 2012 which was named Roadzsta. In September 2012 tickets sold out at the first ever show which was amazing, but also meant a monster had been created. Moving forward the venue needed to double in size, so the show moved to a new home from 2013-2016 welcoming sell out numbers every year. The public, traders and motor enthusiasts wanted more from the 1 day shows so Roadzsta was rebranded to Festival of Wheels which has enabled it to become the ultimate weekend.